What should you know about Mango

Mango, this juicy fruit has proven its ability to support our bodies greatly in different ways ..
It has many benefits but I am going to enumerate some of them ..

Anti Cancerous effect : Mango has Powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties as it contains phenolic acid, β-carotene and ascorbic acid.

Heart and vessels protection: it has some contents ( pecting , fiber and vitamin C ) which can aid in getting harmful cholesterol lower in blood. this helps in protecting heart

Vitamin A , Vitamin E and selenium present in it also have a role in protecting the heart.

Promotes sex life because of vitamin E which helps hormonal functions.

Digestion and acidity improves with mango eating . Mango is very alkaline and rich in cellulose .

Good nutritional support for pregnant women and those suffering from anemia as it is rich in iron.

Immune system : Vitamin C and Vitamin A in addition to other carotenoids support the immune system.

Eye Health : Mango has pelenty of vitamin A which is essential for good performance of your eye . Only one glass of mango juice provides your body with 25 % of your body daily needs of this vitamin.

Concentration and information recall : Mango is rich of glutamin which is an essential protein used by the brain and helps in recalling information and concentration . This is greatly beneficial for students during studying.

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